Mr Crowley he's our boy... if he can't do it.. Noone... will! : Mr Crowley Logo

When Chuck Norris talks, everbody listens.... and Dies!Welcome to Mr Crowley's website.

This is the first website i've tried to build using this new site builder called "BombSite". You make your own website, adding, editing and deleting all of the pages yourself. Text, Images, PDF's etc its all controlled by me.

This is my homepage which will be the first in a collection of trial pages which I will make to simulate a real website with real content, but.... first you need a homepage. So here it is. Impressive huh.

Keep checking out my website to see what other pages I will rant on about, and the kinds of things my strange mind comes up with them its time to just type randomly onto the keyboard to come up with some content.

You'll never know what you find next.



YAY!! Crowley :) Good job.
Comment By : Sir Ben :) on 12th Sep 2009

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